Manual AWX Deployment(v 19.3.0)

  • Deploy the OKE cluster with public subnets(for testing keep it open for all)

    • select the “Assign a public IP address” to the API endpoint box

    • keep only 1 node

    • keep more than 6 cpu and more than 5 gb memory

    • other things keep it default

    • provide a ssh key

  • Click on access cluster >> launch cloud shell >> run the given command in the OCI popup

    • once you are inside the cluster, run the following commands

    1. oci ce cluster create-kubeconfig --cluster-id <cluste_id>> --file $HOME/.kube/config --region <region> --token-version 2.0.0

    2. kubectl apply -f

  • Create a file named awx-demo.yml with following contents

    • apiVersion:
      kind: AWX
        name: awx-demo
        service_type: LoadBalancer
        loadbalancer_protocol: http
        loadbalancer_port: 8087
  • Now run the below command

    • kubectl apply -f awx-demo.yml

  • Wait for few minutes and run

    • kubectl get svc -l ""

    • and get the external ip and port and access awx ui in the browser.

  • Run below command to get the default password for the awx ui, the username is admin

    • kubectl get secret awx-demo-admin-password -o jsonpath="{.data.password}" | base64 --decode

  • Finally, login into awx ui. AWX_RMS_awx_login_page_4.png